Luke Bayes


During my first 6 years as an adult-ish person, I tried on more than a few different professional identities. Some of these attempts had names like artist, United States Marine, structural aircraft mechanic, audio visual technician, hotel manager, motorcycle messenger and even, for a very short and painful time, car salesman.

Some of these roles have insinuated themselves into my personal identity more than others, but more recently I have focused almost exclusively on the design and creation of software to solve a variety of business problems.

Since 1998, I have been called a consultant, contractor, web developer, CEO, CTO, cofounder, software engineer, presenter, author and occasionally other names that an unusual burst of good taste prevents me from mentioning here.

In all of these roles I have endeavored to maximize real value and cultivate technical mastery, integrity, humility and a sense of humor while continuing to be straightforward and plainspoken. I am, after all, the grandson of a West Virginia coal miner.

These days, I hack away on projects at YouTube* with a growing team of people whom I respect immensely. We are using web technologies to develop rich, interactive experiences on a variety of different hardware platforms for millions of end users.

While I was orginally raised by alligators in the Gulf Coast swamps of Florida, I have lived all over the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997. These days I make my home near the southernmost edge of San Francisco in the never-ending winter of Bernal Heights.

* Acquaintances, former colleagues, clients, friends, Romans and countrymen (and women), if you're interested in working at Google (or YouTube), please find an opening that looks appropriate and contact me for a referral.


+1 510 459-9053
11 Roscoe Street San Francisco California 94110